The DASH team gets many feature requests and tries to prioritize based upon demand. Sometimes features are required for only specific customers that aren't a high priority for the majority of users, in this case, we provide customers the ability to pay for the development features and bypass the general priority queue. All features are shared across all customers whether they are custom development or high-demand requests. The custom development is provided as a service and we do not hide paid development features from other customers.

Comments and Requests Notification (Done) Completed
1 vote 6 comments
Ability to convert event types, rather than having to delete and recreate Completed
1 vote 3 comments
League Scheduler - Filter lock feature Completed
0 votes 1 comment
Registration Comment Notifications (Done) Completed
2 votes 1 comment
Allow customer to create a password from the Kiosk Completed
0 votes 0 comments
MySam App RSVP view for Whole Team Completed
1 vote 0 comments
Adding "ACH" as a payment type (RESOLVED) Completed
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