The DASH team gets many feature requests and tries to prioritize based upon demand. Sometimes features are required for only specific customers that aren't a high priority for the majority of users, in this case, we provide customers the ability to pay for the development features and bypass the general priority queue. All features are shared across all customers whether they are custom development or high-demand requests. The custom development is provided as a service and we do not hide paid development features from other customers.

Request for camp checkin mockup feedback
1 vote 19 comments
Ability to apply changes to an entire event series Planned
20 votes 13 comments
Roster Addition Tracking
3 votes 8 comments
Pass usage report
6 votes 7 comments
Open Ice Availability
7 votes 7 comments
Comments and Requests Notification (Done) Completed
1 vote 6 comments
What do you want to see on a dashboard?
2 votes 6 comments
Adding fees to teams after they have been invoiced (Forfeits, Late Fees) Answered
4 votes 6 comments
Scheduling Drag and Drop (Imported from GS) 6 votes
19 votes 6 comments
Multi Edit for Publishing Event
3 votes 5 comments
Calendar View only
6 votes 5 comments
5 votes 5 comments
Email Confirmation for Waitlist Contacts
2 votes 5 comments
Registration for Event Rosters
6 votes 5 comments
Create a class series that is pay-per-class
1 vote 5 comments
Tax Included for Products
4 votes 4 comments
Improvement to age restrictions
1 vote 4 comments
Remove Invoice Edits from Customers' View
2 votes 4 comments
Add Birth Years to the Age Groupings
2 votes 4 comments
Customer Checkin Screen
1 vote 4 comments
Mass Edit to Booking Manager Reservations
2 votes 4 comments
Email Individual Customers
2 votes 4 comments
Adding notes to invoices
1 vote 4 comments
Specify membership start/end dates in product form
1 vote 4 comments
Report name and search criteria for Daily Sales Report
3 votes 4 comments
Preventing suspended players from registering online
5 votes 4 comments
Employee listing on Daily Receipts
1 vote 4 comments
Inform Customers of Expired or Expiring Memberships
0 votes 4 comments
Customize Standings (3 votes)
2 votes 4 comments
Scheduling on Multiple Sub Resources
1 vote 4 comments