Scheduling Drag and Drop (Imported from GS) 6 votes
19 votes 6 comments
Ability to apply changes to an entire event series Planned
18 votes 13 comments
Tournaments scheduling management in SportsIT
7 votes 2 comments
Industry Action Plan for Covid-19 Pinned Featured
6 votes 7 comments
Edit Event Series (4 votes)
6 votes 2 comments
Max female & male roster spots for coed teams.
6 votes 3 comments
Registration for Event Rosters
5 votes 5 comments
Preventing suspended players from registering online
4 votes 4 comments
Age Confirmation Before Adding to Team
4 votes 3 comments
Allow an Upsell after the original invoice
4 votes 0 comments
Require Waiver for MySam Account Creation
4 votes 3 comments
Adding fees to teams after they have been invoiced (Forfeits, Late Fees) Answered
4 votes 6 comments
Ability to send out broadcast emails at a specific time
4 votes 0 comments
More difficult to create similar events on different resources
4 votes 3 comments
Customer reward points or $ (Imported from GS) 8 votes
4 votes 1 comment
Hockey - Statistics,Standings, Staffing, and Payments
3 votes 0 comments
More Attendance Information
3 votes 0 comments
Electronic Waiver Renewal - Before Expiration
3 votes 1 comment
Don't allow single customer multiple registrations for same event/league
3 votes 0 comments
Report name and search criteria for Daily Sales Report
3 votes 4 comments
League and Tournament dates are not included on receipt
3 votes 1 comment
Auto Email When It's Someone's Birthday
3 votes 2 comments
Rquest to have Upsell item more visible in MySAM
3 votes 0 comments
Request to enter own Team Stats
3 votes 1 comment
Adding fine to suspensions report
3 votes 0 comments
Notification to creator about Event change (Imported from GS)
3 votes 2 comments
Changing calendar view to group Sat and Sun together
3 votes 1 comment
Shopping Cart: Edit Product Fee
2 votes 3 comments
Print Function for Calendar
2 votes 0 comments
Direct Text Messaging
2 votes 1 comment