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Attaching customer to rental invoices



  • Official comment

    If you have Booking Options with Booking Rates set up for that calendar resource then you shouldn't need to leave the event to go to the cash register. In general, we recommend using the Booking Manager for event rentals. However, "All Available Fees" will still appear in the Event Invoice dropdown, even if using the older way of invoicing events. 

    When a user navigates to the Cash Register the system resets as if you are helping a new customer to help prevent billing the wrong person. 

  • Zach Salgado

    Alright understood. If an event series has been created through the calendar already and not through booking manager. Is there a way to make a specific product appear under "all available fees" for that series? Or to add that existing event to the booking manager?


  • Tim

    If you have a Booking Option assigned to that calendar resource then the available rates will appear in that dropdown. 


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