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Improvement to age restrictions



  • Official comment

    Hi Grace, you can use specific "birthdates" instead of "age ranges" when working when the governing body's age chart. 

  • Grace Hoene

    We are a new customer and setting up programs now, and it appears this is still an issue. The workaround that (I think) I've found is to set the season start date to the cutoff date for your organization. December 31 is the cutoff date for our national governing body so that is what it is set for. It is not the actual start date but it doesn't appear the start date for the season will be visible to the user. 




  • Grace Hoene

    Where is that located within Dash? When I am "Settings" for the Level, it says:

    Age Restrictions

    Age restrictions are based on the season start date of ___"




  • Tim

    Switch from "Age Range" to "Birth Dates" to change how the age restrictions are handled. You can be very specific with the birth dates. i.e. 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2016


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