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Specify membership start/end dates in product form



  • Steve Abbatine

    We have this same need. We offer summer time memberships that need to end specifically on Sept 30th.

    Currently we have to remember to adjust all the memberships to that date which is hard to manage.

    We would love this feature!

  • Shauna Munro

    I vote yes on this as well.

  • Duncan Macintosh

    Most of our memberships expire in September. Late payers get extra time in the current 1 yr system. I would love the ability to add an annual end date (Aug 31 for example) for the membership.

  • Agnes Yam

    Did anything come from this??

    Today, I only see number of months to expire and date. Depending on when a membership is purchased this created different expiration date. AND- we do not want to update every individual membership account...We have over 5,000 accounts of memberships! 


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