Camp Transfers without Reversal Authorization (DONE)




  • Official comment

    We have updated the camp transfer process so that you no longer need to have the reversal/refund authorization, unless there is a price difference between the two camps, by adding a "transfer" button on the class roster page.

    Here are a couple help site articles to explain the changes:

    1) Transferring to a different camp roster

    2) Transferring or refunding a customer within same camp

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  • Steve Abbatine

    I agree that a front desk staff should be able to move a customer from 1 day to another or even transfer customer between classes.

    We have been forced to give our front desk staff the reversal permission to get around this problem. I would prefer not to.

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  • Duncan Macintosh

    This should be top of list. Transfer kids from one week or day to another. ALSO, the ability for the upsell items (aka daily after-care) to move with changes. Somehow the upsell disappears when you make a change....means the list is unreliable.

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