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Preventing suspended players from registering online



  • Micah Pigott

    Great idea!

  • Harvey Greenidge (Aviator)

    If we can get this one added that would be great at this point the Suspension feature don't mean anything if people can just register for the program online. Or it will cause a problem because the person is already registered in the program and by the time we know. it's the first day of the program, now we have to get them out of the class and/or facility with out causing a scene.

  • Nate Peters

    We would love this feature as well. Customers that have fines/balances are suspended for them but they can still log on and register teams and that creates the potential for problems for us.

  • Minna Rudd

    In addition to restricting online registration for suspended players, it would be good to have it show up on the customer online experience. Currently the suspension notice is only visible on the admin side.


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