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What do you want to see on a dashboard?



  • Micah Pigott

    My daily tasks include:

    • Checking program registrations for leagues, classes and camps - Any readily accessible display of either payments or registrations and an easy way to link to details would be tremendous
    • Processing purchases and refunds for recent transactions - I'm not sure how this would be viewed in a dashboard - maybe accessing an invoice #?
    • Checking the daily schedule and calendar - I think this would be useful within any role's dashboard
    • Checking a customer's account, so a simple customer search function on the dashboard would be brilliant

    That's it for now, but I'll keep 'em coming, don't you worry.

  • Don Crowe
    1. Multi facility sales totals for the day for Corporate user, home facility for Facility user.  

    2. Daily GL Sales pie chart; multi facility totals for Corporate user; home facility for Facility user

    3. Future season enrollments vs prior year same season - list out each upcoming season and show team and/or individual registrations vs same season in prior year.

    4. Daily Task List items to be done in the current and next hour

    5. List of emails sent out of SAM in past 24 hours

    6. List of last 10 transactions in SAM

    7. List of last 10 transactions in MySam

  • Takeshi Ushikubo

    Most of my lists are already listed above.  One thing I would like is instead of listing "Season Totals" and "Future Season Totals" like we have currently, I would like to actually list all seasons with count and members.  We have multiple seasons going on at the same time (LK, SI, Youth and Adult leagues), it will be cool to have them separated.  

  • Kristi

    This is a very common request and goes along with what Micah asked for:

    For team/league managers especially: Adding a link to all of the teams that have signed up in the last 24 hour period.


  • Anthony

    From Tracy


    • List of past 10 team registrations for each sport
    • # of online waivers signed in the month vs last year's month
    • List of last X team e-mails and broadcast e-mails sent
    • List of games from the previous night whose scores weren't entered



  • Anthony

    Would love to get everyone's feedback on some of the "Dashlets"  on our new Dashboard:


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