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Employee listing on Daily Receipts



  • Kristi

    Would be good to only display the employees that have the correct Authorization to run transactions (Cash Register and Shopping Cart auth).

  • Jaime Salas


    Forwarding a message from another manager at Vetta...


    We've been using the Dash report for a while, it's made us aware of some changes we are hoping to have.  Can their IT dept make these changes. I think the date range should be printed on the top.  When I try to print... I have to go to each page and print, it did not print all pages for the report when I submitted print?  Also being able to sort by Employee is good.  It would even be better if you could sort by transaction type after the employee sort (listing all employees together then all cash, check or cc together by employee)  Is this possible? 

    It would help out a lot.  



  • Jaime Salas

    Thanks for earlier follow up... facilities are having some confusion with changes...

    Is it possible to total by employee (CC, check, or cash) without singling out? ie- all employees that worked that day and when you sort by employee... you get not only daily total to the left but also their individual breakdown?

    Also- anyway possible to view only the employees at that location? We are scrolling threw 150+ for all clubs. Some admins when searching for transactions by employee- do not know their first name and have a harder time, finding by first name?

    See note from Tina at Home Office..I tried printing it your way.   Yes as long as I select "all"  I can now get it to print all together.   I can sort by employee. How ever it does not sort the employees transactions by CC, check, or cash.  and now this report became a 22 page report.   if I am able to print like the old sales report on sports it  it would have been a 12 page report.   (noting I tried this using the sales for Dec. 29th).   I do not understand why we can not have that option "old sales report".     If needed print both reports and compare for your self.     when counting drop envelopes (as many as we have)  this new report is a pain and is very time consuming.    Is there a reason why this report can not be put on dash?  after all I thought that Sports IT and Dash ran side by side.....   And sitting at the computer printing out 12 different reports for each employee is even more time consuming.   Is there anyway to go forward with the old report option?  I would hate to loose it when we loose Sports It.    I feel on reports we have taken 1 foot backwards... 

  • Jaime Salas

    Also- if we sort by employee and then try to print, it doesn't save the sort (unless I am doing something wrong.) We have a facility that has an 11 page sales report on a slow day and we need an easier way for their home office to reconcile their daily work.


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