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Create a class series that is pay-per-class



  • Shauna Munro

    Chris - did you see that there is now an attendance sheet for classes?  You have to manually update it, but it's there.  Not sure if that's what you were looking for or not, and it won't track payment for each class - just attendance.

    Under the class title, click the button next to roster that say's "More".  From the drop-down, select "attendance".

    Hope that helps!  :-)


  • Chris Kubota

    Thanks for the comment. I am looking more for a way to create a series of events that aren't linked though so that money or even participants don't show up for all of them. Right now it is a pain because we have to create a large series of classes individually and it takes a lot of time...

    Looking for that easy short cut.


  • Shauna Munro

    You may end up just adding the class as an item on your cash register, rather than setting it up as a "class".   We now have the ability to create unique event types, so that might be something you could play around with for adding it to your calendar.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but please post if you do find a solution. 

  • Dean Dishman

    This is a feature that would benefit me also. We have some classes fitness classes that are pay-per-session. If this is possible I would also like the feature to be able to have customers register online for whatever day of the classes they plan to attend and pay for online and then assign the customer to the roster for each chosen day. At the moment I have to create an individual class for each day which create a long list of classes to search through.

  • Steve Abbatine

    We would love this feature too. We create similar classes and have the same challenges.


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