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Inform Customers of Expired or Expiring Memberships



  • Kristi

    Hmmm, with the customer search parameters if you are choosing a date range where you know customers memberships are expiring during that time period, wouldn't that work? Let's say you want to email all members whose memberships expire sometime next month. You would type in Expiring From 2013-10-01 to 2013-10-31 and choose your membership types and the customers who appear should be correct.

    Let me know if that does not help.

  • Chris Kubota

    It does work for the 2 memberships we are currently offering but we are still honoring memberships which are now inactive so it is a hassle for us to add it to the search.  If there was away to add an option to search for inactive memberships as well as active then this would work.

  • Jed Murdock

    We have the automatic membership expiration reminder option. It's turned off for your account, but we can activate it if you request it.

    By default it sends reminders 2 days (48 hrs) before expiration - that can be changed also.

    Unfortunately, at this point it can only send a basic standard message, with a link to mysam to renew the membership. Templates are not yet supported here.

  • Chris Kubota

    Will templates be supported for this in the future?  How hard would it be to show inactive memberships in the customer search?


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