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Ability to apply changes to an entire event series




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    Carol Meek

    Hi Doug,

    Yes, the ability to edit a series, (resource and/or time slot), was resolved with the new Drag and Drop Calendar that was released last Spring. Here is the link to our "What's New" article  that describes all the new features of the drag and drop calendar -

    When you start to move an event it will give you the option to move just the one event or the series.

    Thank you,

  • Mike Ashley

    It is a big pain!!  There is a delete series button how about an APPLY TO ALL button?  Or atleast being able to manually edit the series w/o having hit save after each enter.    Also would be great to be able to change the EVENT TYPE without having to delete an event or entire series.



  • David Walsh

    Would it be possible to add a feature on deleting events that would give

    you the option to delete future events in the series and not the just the

    whole series, that would be great. Same feature that we have in google

    calendar for repeating events. Thanks.

  • Nate Peters

    Not to be a pain in the butt.......BUT, I have been asking for this the whole 9 years that we've been using Sports-IT. I just had to delete a bunch of event series and recreate them this morning. Being able to just make an edit that applies to all of them would be awesome.

  • Shauna Munro

    I agree with all of the above.  Having more flexibility in creating & editing events & event series would be a HUGE time-saver!  Because we often have tournaments, camps & classes going at the same time, we are constantly having to move things around on the calendar to accommodate everyone.  Because many of the events that we have occupy multiple courts, it can be very, very time consuming to edit or recreate each event.  Please, please, please consider some improvements for scheduling, including the ability to "drag & drop" events around on the calendar.

  • Tim

    Please add to the system enhancement list a priority item for CAL 

    Sports Academy as adding the ability to add a date to a series in the 


    Thank you. 


  • Steve Abbatine

    This would be a tremendous help for us as well!

  • Duncan Macintosh

    I vote for this.

  • Shauna Munro

    Still hoping for some additional improvements in the EDIT EVENT feature...

    *Edit individual event / edit SERIES options

    *Invoice a date range in a series (ie - invoice monthly)

    *Create multiple resource series (for leagues & tournaments)

    *Delete FUTURE events in a series without having to do it individually

    And...STILL praying for a drag & drop feature!

  • Shauna Munro

    Still asking....

    Can you please work on more flexibility in the Event Series feature? 

    Would like to be able to delete future events in a series without deleting the entire series.  If we could click a box next to each event in the series that we want to delete (similar to what comes up when we create the series event), that would be AWESOME!

  • Doug Miller

    Please add the ability to "edit" an Event Series, such as adding to the Series, or deleting future events in a series.

    Thank you. 

  • Doug Miller

    Has there been any movement on this feature request?  The status has been listed as "Planned" for quite a long time. 

    This morning I had the move two of our soccer programs from one resource to another, for the entire eight week Series for both of the programs.  That meant that I had 16 separate edits. 

    When a change that is needed is the same for the entire Series, there should be a way of making the change once, and having it applied to the entire series.     

  • Jenna Hubbard

    Definitely need this to happen it the event edit page. The drag and drop calendar is too glitchy.


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