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Scheduling Drag and Drop (Imported from GS) 6 votes



  • Official comment

    Hi Patrick and Brian,

    Great news! This feature is already in beta testing. Here's a demo video: 

    We're still tweaking a few performance issues. Please use the following link to log in and play around with the new functionality:

    • Go to the calendar and select "Try our Drag & Drop Calendar" on the upper right.
    • Open that option again to switch back to the original calendar.
    • Give us feedback here.



  • Raymond Mance

    This feature would greatly be appreciated and would make something that would take a couple hours turn into something that can be done in less than a hour. If you can find a way to do this I am sure you will be able to retain most of your customers. You guys already do a great job customer service wise so keep it up!.

  • Mary Hinson

    Would LOVE this feature as well!

  • Shauna Munro

    Please, please, PRETTY- please!! 

  • Patrick

    This feature would make the scheduling life more efficient especially when doing multiple weeks at a time.  To take it a step further, adding a drag/drop feature with swapping.  Ex. 7pm game drag and swap with 8pm game.

  • Brian Kadziel

    This would be awesome!


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