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Pass usage report



  • Steve Abbatine

    Completely agree. Very needed. 

  • Jenna Hubbard

    Yup! totally agree. also need a way to audit passes

  • Mary Anderson

    I agree, this would be helpful. It would also be helpful to run a report under a particular customer and see how many passes used by time/date according to a specific date range (along with a total number used to date). The closest I have found is a report under "More Info." but when you try to run the report under Check-in's for a specific date range, etc. it does not work. Product Sales report was also mentioned but it does not sort all passes by customer, etc. and This would be helpful in auditing passes - especially if there is a dispute with a customer saying they came in X amount of times when really they came in more than that, etc. 

  • CJ Scheurman

    Yes, I agree also a report for pass usage would be tremendously helpful for the same reasons everyone has stated.

  • Philip Linssen

    I agree, this will help us, but i think the industry at a whole. P

  • Skatingdirector

    Agreed to everyone above.

  • Felipe Ugalde

    Agreed with all of the above!


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