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Open Ice Availability



  • Dave Ball

    Please prioritize this, it is very important - thank you

  • Jordan Sames

    Open Ice Availability (referred to as "open time blocks" in other software services) would be very helpful to be able to use in PDF & Excel export. The Ann Arbor Ice Cube often uses and shares with customers. Thank you!

  • Meghan Fernandes

    Completely agree! You should be able to put minimum of 60 minute slot with 15 take down. So it only pulls 60 minute slots or 75 minutes etc. It is important that the report also takes account for the take down/ice cuts. 


  • Marissa Trott

    Hoping to push this to the top of the list again as we are really struggling to be efficient and organized while sending open ice to guests! 

  • Jeff Cao

    Let's prioritize this feature, it's important to our business. Thank you!

  • Keith Smith

    I agree! This would be very helpful and quite important to the rink industry!

  • Judd Garbina

    Where are we at on this topic?  It would help tremendously to be able to share a list of available ice with our users.

    It would be helpful to be able to show them the schedule, I am not able to make that work either.


    How do we get the open ice easily into the hands of our users?


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