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Add Birth Years to the Age Groupings



  • April Albertson

    This would be extremely helpful for us as well.

  • Micah Pigott

    This would be amazing for us as well given that we use DASH for our outdoor tournaments as well. 

  • Dawn Urban

    I love this idea as well.  We would need both options. 

  • Micah Pigott

    I am commenting here as this is still an issue. With youth indoor leagues approaching, exporting from season to season and not being able to have an age group/range stay fixed from one season to the next adds a fair amount of unnecessary manual labor.

    If there was a way to set an age group to a birth year and then have the age range automatically set at that particular year, DASH would work far better for youth league and tournament set up. I have to manually adjust these age restrictions for about 20 levels for four youth leagues and 14 youth tournaments each year....that adds up to 360 (or more) manual!


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