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Duplicate Customer Report



  • Steve Abbatine

    Agreed, duplicate profiles are a big problem with us as well. The Duplicate Customer Report does not work well. I export all of our customers into Excel on a weekly basis and then use some macros to find the real duplicates. 

    I have some ideas that I have shared with SportIT on how to prevent duplicate profiles. 

  • Nate Peters

    I would like this as well. Or provide us with several options so we can check the criteria we would like to use for each duplicate search. The zip codes can be changed on the customer side when they update their info and we do the same thing when a piece of mail is returned to us as undeliverable as well so we probably have a ton of duplicates that aren't being flagged because they don't have that info.

  • Harvey Greenidge (Aviator)

    Also if you can add a Suffix line or drop down for Sr. or Jr that will help with the duplicate also as we get that a lot. Right now to fix this we are adding Jr on the first name line once


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