Player Stats

DASH has the ability to track individual player game stats and view them on the Admin and/or DASH Online.


  1. To enter statistics for a game, go to the Reports button and select All Reports. On the left hand column, select Programs and then Event Search. You can also start typing "Event Search" in the global search box. Choose a time period of games you would like to display in your search. Choose "Game" as your Event Type
  2. Find the game you would like to add the Stats to and click the EDIT symbol next to it. This will take you to the Game Event Page.
  3. From the game event page, press "Tools" and then Game sheet.
  4. Check the box next to enter scores/stats to be able to add goals, assists and any cards issued to a specific player. Keep in mind that the total score for the team will add up any players goals plus the goals listed under "Non Roster". Therefore, if you have a total score of 8 and you only know who scored 6 of the goals, you can assign the 6 to the rostered players and the final 2 to the Non-Rostered player.

Player Stats Report

If you would like to see a report of an individual's stats such as Goals, Assists or cards given, you can pull up this report by clicking on the Reports button and then press All Reports. Click on Customer on the left hand side and then "Stats". You can choose to search by Season and League or by a Date Range and Sport Type.


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