Refunds and Transfers Within Same Camp

Customers can be transferred or refunded within the same camp directly from the camp rather than the invoice.

From the camp group:

  1. Click on the $ Amount to refund or transfer dates within the same camp group
  2. Unselect the dates and select new dates to register for
  3. Click Continue button when ready to add the transfer or refund to the shopping cart
  4. All of the customer's discounts for that camp (if any) will be added to the Shopping Cart for validation when transferring or refunding

User Authorizations

Users without the "Refunds & Reversals" Authorization will be allowed to transfer within the same camp as long as:

  • the number of dates balance out
  • or the customer is purchasing additional dates

These Users will not be able to checkout when unselecting more camp dates then they select. The Shopping Cart will remove the camp reversals and they will have to either start over or task another User with the proper authorizations. 


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