Location Payments for Open Invoices


If your DASH account only has one location or if you only take payments from one location for an open invoice, you do not need to worry about this update.


Problem with old payment allocations:

DASH payments collected were a reflection of the facility that was invoiced. This was causing a problem when an open invoice was paid by a separate location. Reports, such as the Sales Report, were reflecting the payment in the location where it was originally invoiced instead of where the new payment was being collected from.



In the database, we are adding a location ID to each payment now. This will allow us to track where each payment is being made. The benefits of doing this are that Cash tills will add up at the end of the day. You will now see this difference when someone has an invoice that is open (i.e. from the Booking Manager) and makes a payment at a location different than the original invoice . The collection of this money will now reflect the specific site that the money was collected, not the original location that was invoiced.

We have also updated the invoices to display where the money was collected. This will only display if the payment was collected in a location other than the current session. You can see in this example below, there are a couple of payments made from one location that is displayed and one that does not list the location. The one not listed will be the location you are currently logged into.

Things to keep in mind:

This has the potential to be a big change on the accounting side for clients that collect payments from different locations rather than the location invoiced. We have a migration script in place that will update all previous data to reflect what the current system has done. This will allow our reporting for previous dates to be consistent with what we currently report.


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