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Summer 2017 Updates


Priority Registration

Stagger registration by giving certain priority groups early access to register for upcoming seasons.



Upcoming Season View for DASH Online

Decide whether you want to allow your customers to see future season information ahead of time through the Program Finder.



Updated Drop Down Menus for Multi Select Options

Throughout DASH you will notice a change from the drop down and select option to a now more condensed type ahead and/or select.


Pass Report Converted to Jasper Report

The Pass Report report now includes the options to show passes sold during a given time period and whether or not to display customer contact information.



Authorized Pick-up's

On a camp roster, you can choose to see a list of people that have been authorized to pick up each camper.



League Standings Widget

We have a new DASH widget that you can use to build a League Standings page and paste the embed code on your website. From there, the team pages can be viewed publicly without logging into DASH Online. 



Sales Tax Report

This is a report you can use to get the total sales and total tax applied for a sales tax return.


Daily Checklist Updated

We have added invoice details (amount invoiced vs paid), whether a Pass was used, and under the "Alert" column it will display the event type.




Registration Kiosk Improvements

Step 1 of 5 now clarifies that it is for "Adult/Parent Account Information". That way customers don't start filling out the information for their child(ren) until Step 3 or 4. 

We made the birthdate entry field more mobile friendly. 


Revenue Detail Report Updated

An "Amount Due" column has been added to the Revenue Detail report. And if a Payment Schedule is in place then the next payment date will be listed. 



Camp Attendance Report

This is a report you can print with camper listed by camp name and activity groups. Used for recording whether they attended or not.

Camp Attendance Report


Camp Registration Update

We added a new checkbox on the registration box on both the DASH Online and the Admin side so a customer, for example, can easily register for all Friday's of a camp if desired.



Convert an Organization to Individual Customer

Organizations and individual customers can now be converted either direction. 



Spring 2017 Updates


Digital Signatures

Documents can be sent to customers and employees to be signed electronically through our partner HelloSign.


Require Tag for Product Purchase

Customer Tag can be required prior to registration. Assign the tag to the customer profile and Product to operate as pre-approval for purchase. 



USA Hockey Membership Integration

Verify your customers have valid USA Hockey membership by adding a prompt when signing up for a program in DASH.


Password Policy

We have added the option to prompt Users on the Company Settings page to update their DASH login password every 90 days if you decide to be PCI Compliant.



Online Reservation Request

The first version of our Online Booking feature has been released. This allows customers to search by specific dates and a time they want to view open resources for.


Locker Manager Released

The Locker Manger is a tool for the staff to create locker spaces, assign customers their locker, and initiate the customer billing process.



UI/UX Updates

Improvements include; enhanced mobile menu, expandable global search field and updated font and color scheme. See the differences between the user interfaces here.


Winter 2016-17 Updates


Resource Groups Across Multiple Locations

From the Resources Management page, you can assign Resources from multiple locations to a single Resource Group for easier viewing on the calendar



Created Date added to Membership Report

Membership Created date is included when you Search or Export to CSV. 



Reminder Emails Enabled for all Event Types

You can enable Email & SMS reminders for any Event Type, including Classes and Camps. 



Customer Child Care Statement

View an entire family's invoice statement that is commonly used for end of the year tax reports.



A Fund type can be assigned to a product and reported on.


Documents on User Accounts

Special documents such as contracts can now be uploaded to User (employee) profiles.


Old Waitlists Moved to Past Seasons

Waitlists for older seasons will be combined into Past Seasons section on customer's profile.   


Location Filter added to Customer Events Report

A location selector has been added to the Online Events Report (AKA Customer Events) when running a search for the "CHECKIN" event type.


Export Options on Group Search

The Team/Class/Camp Search page now has CSV and PDF buttons for exporting search results. 


Subscribe to SMS during DASH Online Signup

Customers can choose to subscribe to text messages when creating their profile. A cellphone number and Mobile Carrier are required when subscribing.


Season Information on Invoice Receipts

Season and Level names are now listed in the description section on invoice receipts for Classes, Camps, and Teams. 



Customer AR and Expired Membership Reports Updated

Both reports have been converted to Jasper business intelligence reports. We have also added an AR Aging Report. 


Disable Automatic Additions to Family Membership

Family memberships can be restricted by toggling off the Auto Add Membership. Employees can then manually add qualified members. 


Delete Waiver

Users with the Waiver Management authorization will now see a delete button next to a customer's waiver. The DASH Waiver Report has been converted into a business intelligence report

Authorization to Refund onto a New Credit Card 

We have added the Credit Card Reversal authorization, which will allow the employee to reverse a payment onto a different credit card.


Fall 2016 Updates


Option to Print Receipt with Gratuity Line 

Receipts can now be printed with or without the gratuity line, if you have Gratuity Line on Invoice feature enabled. 


DASH Online Signup Time

Season's can now have a signup time specified. 


Email Notification for Program Comment

When a customer or employee adds a comment to a Class, Camp, or Team the employee listed as Responsible, will receive an email notification.


Bonus Points

League standings can have bonus points calculated into the normal point system for wins and ties.


Convert Normal Customers to Organizations

Participant and Contact customer types can now be converted to Organizations


Tax Management

Create and edit your own Company tax rates through DASH.


Transaction Fee

Add a surcharge to all credit card transactions run through DASH by adding a Transaction Fee.



Summer 2016 Updates


Camp Transfer Button

A transfer button has been added to transfer participants to a different camp roster.


Resident Pricing on Cash Register

If you have resident and non-resident pricing setup, the resident price will now be listed in parenthesis.


Assign Team Colors in DASH and DASH Online

Teams can now have a designated color.


Accept Donations through DASH Online

You can ask customers to donate before checking out online. 


Rate Structures for Calendar Events

If a Rate Structure has been assigned to the Resource that the event is scheduled on, you can quickly checkout using the available rates when selecting the Invoice button.


Require Storing of a Credit Card for Product Purchase Online

Customers can be forced to store their credit card information when purchasing certain products online, like an auto renew membership.


Event Information Included on Email Receipts

Scheduled events, on invoice receipts, will show resource location (including address), date and time under the invoice information. 


Save Calendar Preferences for All Users

System Admins can save Resource Order for all employees. 


Customize Event Template Reminders

Game and Event reminders can be modified from the default template.


Program Finder Widget

We've added an embedding tool (website widget) that allows you to customize how you want your Program Finder displayed ahead of time. Simply copy and paste the Embed Code on your website. 


New Booking Manager Authorization

We have added a new authorization that can be added to any employee role under the Scheduling section called "Booking Delete".


Audit Log for Events

Changes made to calendar events will now be tracked via the Audit Log.


Passes Updated

Pass Types can be enabled to expire on a given date. The Pass Setup page has been updated with a new look as well. 



Employee Role Management Page Updated

We have combined the Authorizations and Roles page so that when you create new roles, you will assign them from the newly updated Employee Management Page.


New Family Members Automatically Added to Family Membership

When creating a new customer, as a family member on the admin side, that customer profile will be added to any connected Family Memberships.


Mobile Player Card Access

When a parent views their Member Card via DASH Online or the Mobile app, the entire family will be accessible to scan in.


Camp Transfer Update

Users without Refund & Reversal authorization are allowed to transfer camp dates within the same camp.


Event Types can be Changed

An existing event can be changed to a similar event type


External Links

Add links to external company resources or websites. 


Continue Shopping Prompt in DASH Online

Customers are now prompted when registering to add more items to make registration for multiple siblings or multiple programs easier.


Blackout Dates per Location

Each Location can now have it's own Blackout dates to avoid conflicts for the Booking Manager, League scheduler, and the Class and Camp Scheduler.


Spring 2016 Updates


Multi-League Scheduler in Beta

You can now schedule multiple levels at the same time. View the our feature highlights article or check out our Training Guide for more information.

Update also includes:

  • Auto Logout prevention and Auto Save 
  • Matrix page is sortable and searchable
  • Team Notes available in popup window
  • Interleague Play option


Camp Refunds and Transfers

Refund or move dates around within the same camp all on one screen.


Internal Custom Fields

Create Internal custom fields for staff members to see and answer on the admin side.


User Roles are Location specific

An employee can be assigned to a Role at specific Locations (if you have more than one Location for your company).

The Authorized Roles are based on the location that the employee is logged into.


Employee/User Page has been updated

You will notice that there is a new look when you view the User listing page and when creating or editing a User profile.


New Fee section added in Booking Manager

The Fee Section can hold the booking deposit or any additional products you would like to add to the booking that are not tied to an individual event.


Alternate Emails now receive Broadcasts Emails and Team Messages

Alternate Emails, assigned to a customer profile, will be sent messages generated from the Customer Search & Email page as well as messages generated from the DASH Online Message Center, as long as the customer has not unsubscribed from email. 


Email Templates can be Inactivated

You can now search by template name and inactivate outdated templates.


New User Interface Updates on Rate Structure Pages

The Resource Rate Structure has a new updated look.


Online Messaging always enabled for Team Managers

When Online Messaging is turned off then only team managers will be allowed to send messages via DASH Online. 


Customize the Filters on Your Program Finder

Choose which filters you want your customers to see on your Program Finder for your company's website and DASH Online page.


Time stamp Added to Wait-list Roster

Customers will have the date & time they were added to the Waitlist displayed next to their name on the roster. 


New User Interface Updates

New clean UI for seasons & levels:

Company Settings, and Tags page have a new updated look.


Customer Check-In Audio Alert

You can now set an Audio Alert on a customer ID card scan, if the customer has any issues that need to be taken care of.


Location Specific Memberships and Event Types

You now have the ability to set or create an Event Type or Membership that is only available at certain locations.


Winter 2015-16 Updates


User Interface Updates

The Season, Level and Event Type pages have been updated to a new UI.


Showing Unpublished Events

The Calendar will now display a visual reminder for unpublished events.


Payment Allocation by Location

Payments received will now reflect the location they were collected in, rather than the location they were invoiced in.


Pass Updates

New additions have been added to the Pass feature such as a Location Selector, Toggle to allow online purchases, and the ability for family members to see and use each other's passes.


Showing Unpaid Events

If a customer has an invoice with a balance owed on an event or if there is not an invoice attached in the calendar, you will see a $ symbol.


Updated Event Start/End time Search 

Filter Customer Search & Email report for Events Dates more specifically by using start and end time.


Adjust Team Invoice

Team invoices can now be adjusted after the fact, without having to re-invoice. 


Add Gratuity to a Paid Invoice

Print the invoice for your customer so they can add a tip to a cash or credit card invoice.


Store Payment Info on an Organization Type

Add a credit card or ACH info to be able to collect invoices automatically via a payment schedule.


Activity Groups Updated

The Define Activity Groups page now allows you to view, add, edit, and delete groups for any particular camp ID.


Merge Customer Tags 

Customer Tags, used to track customers, can now be merged.


Roster View Update

Unpaid Customers will now appear at the top of the roster to make it easier to collect payments for those long rosters such as camps.


Expiration Dates for Membership Products

At the product level for a membership, you can enable the membership to expire on a specific date and even prorate.


DASH Online Registration Tree Option

Choose if you would like to have your customers see available Programs to register initially when logged into DASH Online.


Color Schema

From the User profile page Dash Theme can be personalized.


Product Inventory Control

Products can now have an Quantity saved and updated when purchased. 


Product Transaction Report - Authorization Change

Global Financial authorization is required to view more than the past 7 days of the Product Transaction Report. Employees that have GL Report authorization can still access the report, they will just be restricted to searching transactions from the past week.


Upload Files to Customer Profile

Customer profiles now have a field in the right column to upload files. The maximum file size is 20MB. 


Make Payment

A Make Payment link was added to the receipt emails on invoices with balances so customers can login directly to their Open Invoices page on DASH Online and make payments. 

Also, a button was added to the Organization Type so that the Invoice Summary of open balances is viewable.


Merge Organization Types 

Organization Types can now be merged together.


Prerequisites Improved

  • Can be toggled from active to inactive
  • Can now be deleted from last created to first
  • Removed "Fail" from the Team Attendance page
  • Displayed in order on edit page and when selecting from the Level Maintenance page


High Privacy Schedule Setting

Team Seasons can have public schedule views disabled online. Only participants that are on the roster can see their league's schedule. The game schedules are kept hidden from customers with no affiliation. 


Teams & Leagues Online Registration

DASH Online registration changed to "Join a Team" or "Register a Team" instead of "Individual" and "Team".


Chat with support

Help Center chat feature enabled.


Customer Search by email

Email address is now a default option to search customers for next to First and Last name. 


DASH Link Changed

The DASH button in upper left hand corner now directs the user to their "home" page. Home pages can be set up through the User (Employee) profile page.


9.0 Beta Release Updates (August 2015):


User Interface Updates

Throughout DASH we have been updating pages for a new sleek, mobile friendly, easier to use interface. We will be updating pages continuously. Here is a list of some of the pages that have been restructured:


Gift Card Feature

Customers can purchase, reload and use Gift Cards both Online and in person.   


Checkout Screen

The Checkout page has had a makeover that include some new features:


Quick Cash

Easily submit a shopping cart with one click of the Quick Cash button.


New Dashlet added to the Dashboard

Sales Summary Table Dashlet


Existing Dashlet Updates

Added the "View More" link to some existing Dashlets to be able to click straight to the Sales Report for that time period.


Kiosk Update

Customers can now choose whether they want to Register in the Kiosk by creating an account that gives them Online access or whether they just want to give the minimum info in order to simply sign the Waiver for the facility.


New Customer Type

We have added a new Customer Type called "Organization".


Upload Files to Events

Files can now be added to an Event in the Calendar.


Summer 2015 Updates


Camp Check In Updates

  • Now includes a field to search by camp name or Camp ID.
  • Checking a customer in will save the data on the group attendance page.


Activity Group Names are now Editable

From the "Define Activity Groups" page the "Group Names" can be selected to edit s needed.


Registration Email has been added at the Level Maintenance Page

An email can now be set at the setting to go to players registering for a Class, Camp, or Team.


Suspended players cannot log into DASH Online

If a player has been suspended in DASH, they will receive a message and will be denied access when they try to log into their account via DASH Online.


Spring 2015 Updates


House Teams and Class Fees are automatically added to the cart

When a customer is added to these rosters, the cart will automatically appear with what is owed.


Membership Prompt

If a customer is added to a class or team that requires a membership and if they do not have a current membership, they will be prompted to purchase one.


Suspended Players on the Daily Checklist report

If a customer is currently suspended and a has a game, class, or camp scheduled for that day, your staff will be alerted on the Daily Checklist report.


Set Days Before for Schedule and Membership Reminders

On the Company Settings page, you can select when the reminders go out to your customers.


Location has been added to the Program Finder

On the Program Filter results, your customer will now see what Location or Facility where the Class, Camp, or Team will be taking place.


Sub Areas can be organized

You can organize the sub areas how you choose on your calendar by adding numbers or letters before the name.


Automatic Email to Responsible Employee

When a customer is added to a roster, the employee that is attached as "Responsible" will receive an automatic e-mail alerting them that a customer has been added.


Audit Log now includes Employee History

You can track what an employee has changed on the Class, Camp, Team and Customer Profile pages.


Search Waitlists through Customer Search & Email

In the Advanced Search Report, you can select a list of products and view the customers that have purchased these in a given time period.


Winter 2015 Updates


Camp Dates on Invoices

When a customer receives their invoice, the dates they have registered for will appear on their invoice. 


Class, Team, and Camp Notes can be Private or Public

Public notes can be seen by all customers in the Program Finder Details box. Private notes can only be seen on the Admin side via the DASH Console.


Add to Bookings for Events on the Calendar

Event booking allows you to add calendar events to multiple resources.


Roster Waitlist

This feature allows you to add customers to a Waitlist on a roster either on the Admin side or through the customer portal (DASH Online).


Event Types with Rosters

A new type of event can be created to add rosters and charge customers through the event page.


Class Prerequisites

Use prerequisite requirements to restrict customers from registering for classes, camps, and teams that they aren't yet ready for.



Create prepaid items that customers can purchase and use in the future. Similar to a punch card, this Pass feature is useful for drop-in and prepaid classes.


UI Updates

DASH 8.0 introduces new user interface updates to streamline how you search and navigate through the application. The DASH search makes it easy to quickly search reports, tools, settings, customers, teams, classes and dates. See the new user interface here.


More Administrative Control

You've been able to create custom Event Types and User Roles for a while now - and we're continuing to open up the system to help you setup your system the way you like. You can now edit Product Categories, the Sports list, Calendar Periods, Login Names and finally - you can choose your preferred Date and time format from your employee set-up page or the Company Settings Page.


Class/Camp Scheduler

You can now quickly schedule entire season of classes or camps using the new Class & Camp Scheduler tool. The system will automatically propose event start date/times based upon the class's day of the week and start time settings, and will show you at a glance if there are any conflicting events or user-created blackout dates set.


Dashlets (new dashboard)

The old Flash based Dashboard has been completely rewritten to take advantage of HTML5 and includes a vast array of new Dashlets to give both employees and facility owners the information they need to run their business more efficiently.


Program Finder

Allow your new and existing customers to easily view your entire event catalog, whether they are logged in or not. You can even embed the Program Finder into your existing website to ensure that customers have a seamless signup experience.


Resident & Non-Resident Pricing

DASH now includes a Geographic Information System that allows facility owners to draw zones on a Google Map to indicate where their resident/non-resident boundaries reside. The system will then use the address of each customer to decide if they are a resident in one of these zones and adjust the price of products and sign-up fees accordingly.


Roster Lock

Rosters can now be setup to lock on a specific date to prevent customers' from registering on the Level Set-up page.


Audit History

All changes to customer profiles are now tracked in an easily accessible audit log. We plan to extend auditing to other objects in the system.


Alternate Email

An alternate email can be added to a customer's profile to send reminders and emails through the Customer Search Tool.


Mobile App

Check out the redesigned app which allows customers to view their teams, classes, camps, schedules and even Register for new programs!


Calendar Settings

  • Calendar interval can now be toggled between 15, 30, and 60 mins
  • Calendar start and end times can now be specified (will be overridden if there are events that are before/after the start/end times)


Other Minor Updates

  • Usernames can now be specified when creating Employees
  • Events can be booked on multiple resources
  • The mobile DASH site now includes a Player Card that provides basic information about the customer along with a barcode for quickly signing into a facility.
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