Creating a New Booking

Disclaimer: Make sure you have completed the Initial Set-up Process before you try and set up a New Booking.


  1. Click on Schedule to pull up the Calendar.
  2. Find the date and press your cursor on the time you are interested in starting your booking. You will see a different window that will ask if you want to create a single event or use the Booking Manager. Press the "Use Booking Manager" Button.
  3. You can search the customer by typing in their name or by their Customer ID # or create a new customer if needed.
  4. Click the "+" to add a new booking or if you have an existing Booking for this customer, they would appear below.
  5. Type the name of your Booking and select the Event Type you would like to use. Click "Save New Booking" button.
  6. The next screen will allow you to edit the event settings such as resource, time, rate, etc. If it is a one day event, select the proper event start and end time.
    • Daily Repeat: Switch the toggle to Daily. If you want it to repeat every day for a set date. Here is how you would set this up as an example.
    • Weekly Repeat: Switch the toggle to Weekly. If you would like an event to repeat weekly for a specific day (Tuesday) for 5 weeks for example, here is that would look.
    • Repeating Events: Click the toggle to turn on the repeat option (Note: the date above will be the 1st date of the series).
    • Resource Rate: Select the Resource Rate you want to use for this booking. You can change the Rate price if you choose.
    • Additional Event Fees: If you would like to add any extra fees to the booking, you can select them here. Add the desired quantity if needed for the extra fee. These product fees can be added on the Event Type Booking Settings Tab.
    • Click "Save Event" when you are all done.
  7. Your Scheduled Events will appear on the Booking Page along with the proposed cost for each event. You can press the 3 vertical dots to make any edits to the event, duplicate it, or delete it.
  8. If you click the Fees section on the left hand side, you can add a deposit to the booking or any other product that you would like to attach to the booking as a whole but not to an individual event.
  9. Click on the Settings on the left hand side to add any "Payment Terms" and/or "Additional Notes" that will appear in the Customer's Contract.
  10. If you have enabled Business Intelligence Reports (aka Jasper) in your Company settings, you can click Contract on the left hand side to see your customer's Contract to view all of the events with the Conditions you set, etc.
  11. You can upload any Files or Documents by clicking "Files" on the left hand side.
  12. Once you have things set, you can click "Create Invoice" and an Invoice under the customer's name will be created (Note: An invoice will not be emailed. This is what the Contract is for. Once you are ready, you will send the contract).
    • If you delete or modify any of your events, the Invoiced amount will reflect these changes automatically. Also on the Invoice, it will display that these events no longer are occurring.
    • The changes will automatically be reflected if there is an Edit or Deletion on the Contract.
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