Customer ID Card Setup

You can give your customers ID key tags or ID cards that have a barcode. When scanned, DASH will pull up their customer profile on the screen. 

Printing Cards

The numbering needs to have CID in front of the number, like this “CID1000001”. It's important to start with a higher Card ID number so they don't conflict with the Customer ID numbers in DASH 

(note: the CID tells DASH that the barcode is not a product UPC but a Customer ID#)

Connecting to Customer Profile

From the customer profile, scroll down the middle column until you see the "Customer ID" field. Enter the number exactly as it's written on the ID card. "CID1000001". Or once you've setup the scanner, simply scan the barcode. 


Scanners can be configured to submit a new line character on scan. Most of the time you can look up the scanner's configuration manual and scan a few codes to get this working. (For the recommended Honeywell Genesis 7580g barcode scanner it is "Add CR Suffix".) Once setup you should be able to scan the barcode from any page in DASH (as long as the cursor isn't on an entry field) and the customer's profile will pop up. 

Keying In

You can also be able to type in the entire key tag number from any page in DASH (as long as the cursor isn't on an entry field), press Enter and the customer's profile will pop up. 

(e.g., type "cid10012" and press Enter to simulate a card ID scan.)

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