Playoff and Tournament Game Events

You can create playoff games or second round tournament games ahead of time so your customers can see what game times to expect. These placeholder games can be created without a Home or Away team for matches where the opponents still need to be determined. 

  1. Click on the Calendar at the time and resource that you want to create a playoff game.
  2. Select Game from the event types provided. 
  3. Enter a description for the event. i.e. "Quarter Final 1" or "Coed 1A vs Coed 2B"
  4. Enter your resource and/or sub area and start/end time or duration.
  5. Select the Season
  6. Select the Level (allows this potential game event to appear on every team's schedule within that Level).
  7. Select Type: Playoff 
  8. Make sure to Publish Online. Click Save. 


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