Gratuity Line on Invoice

Once an invoice has been created, a receipt can be printed for the customer where they can enter in an amount for gratuity if they like.


  1. Create a new product for the gratuity. The price will not matter in this case because the customer will be filling in the amount they want to tip. Keep in mind, this product will be displayed on a customer's invoice and is used for reporting purposes.

Go to the company settings page, click on Location and then add your new product to the Gratuity Product section.

Accepting Gratuity:

Once the customer has paid for their invoice, if they choose to leave a tip, you can simply go back to the customer's invoice page and press the "Print Receipt with Gratuity" button. This will allow them to have a printed receipt where they have a gratuity line and a signature line.

Entering Gratuity Amount in DASH:

After the customer has decided on the amount to tip, you will need to be on the invoice where the original payment was made. On the right hand side, there will be a "add gratuity" section. If the customer originally paid with a credit card, they have the option to pay with cash or the same credit card that was initially used. If they paid any other way, the gratuity will automatically be entered as cash.

NOTE: Once the gratuity has been processed, the invoice will automatically update with the new amount and payment.



Run the Product Sales Report for your gratuity product ID. The Invoice, Date, Customer, Employee and  Amount are displayed.  Depending on how you pay the tips out, you may need to drill into each invoice to see which employee actually earned the tip. The employee listed is the one that submitted the transaction in DASH. 

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