Creating an Open Invoice (no payment)

If you would like to invoice a customer but not have them make any initial payments, here is how this can be done in DASH:

  1. Once all of your items are in the cart, press the "Checkout" button. This will take you to the Payment Screen.
  2. The payment type will default to a credit card but you will need to press the Cash tab.
  3. The amount owed will automatically be entered in the "Cash Received" line. IN this case, we are not accepting any money so you will need to type "0" in the cash received line.
  4. Email Receipt: By default this box is checked. In most cases you will want to send a receipt to your customer but there may be some cases where you choose to not send this.
  5. Split Tender: In this situation, you would not need to check the box for split tender because you are not accepting any money.
  6. Add Note: A payment note can be added to an invoice for internal records or to pass along any information to the customer.
  7. When finished, press the "Process Checkout" button on the right hand side.
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