Reloading a Gift Card from DASH Online

A customer can log into their DASH Online account, view the Gift Cards that have been registered (invoiced under their name) and can also add more money to them.

  1. Once they have logged into their DASH Online account, they can "View Gift Cards" from the main screen.
  2. Press Reload next to the Card you wish to Add more value to.
  3. The checkout screen will appear. Press Checkout.
  4. The original gift card amount will appear but you can enter in the amount you would like to add. Note that you must enter in a larger figure than the original amount the gift card was for. For example, if the gift card was originally for $10, you could reload $5 onto it.
  5. Press "Continue To Checkout" button.
  6. Enter in Payment information.
  7. You are done!
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