Using a Gift Card on the Admin Side

You may run into a few different scenarios with Gift Cards. You may have a customer with a gift card in hand who would like to use it to purchase items. Next, you may have someone that knows the redemption code number but never received a card. Another case may be if someone has lost their card and does not know their redemption card number.

We will go over how to deal with these scenarios:

Physical Card Present or Redemption Code Known

  1. Begin by ringing up the products the customer would like to purchase. Be sure you have invoiced their name to the shopping cart. Press Checkout.
  2. At the Payment Screen, click the Gift Card tab. If the customer is not sure how much money they have on their card, you can search their card ahead of time to know this amount before you get to the checkout screen.
  3. In the box labeled "Redemption Code", you can scan the card and the code will autofill or you can manually enter the redemption code.
  4. Enter in the amount that you need to use from the card. Note that if the card has a smaller balance than what is owed, you will need to check the box "Split Tender" which allows you to pay with more than just a gift card.
  5. Once you have your payments set up correctly, press the "Process Checkout" button on the right hand side of the cart.


Lost Card and Unknown Code

  1. If you run into this case, you will need to do some invoice searching and find out who bought the card originally.
  2. Go to the customer profile page and click Invoices to view the Invoice History page.
  3. In the "Status" column, if you see a "G" then a Gift Card was purchased.

4. Click on the Invoice number to view the Redemption Code.

5. You can click on this redemption code from the invoice to see the card's history.

6. As long as the card as valid, you can copy the Redemption Code and check the

customer out following the directions above.


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