Entering Scores and Stats for Game Events

In DASH there are a couple of ways to add scores for Game events. If you have a large list of games to enter and do not need to enter individual stats for the game, the best way to do this is through the Event Search page. If you need to enter any Game Stats, along with the score, you will need to go through the Calendar event and pull up the individual Game sheet. Below are the steps to enter in both locations:


Entering Scores through Event Search

  1. Click on Reports from the top menu and select All Reports. In the Programs section, you will see the Event Search report. You can also use the Global Search box and start typing "Event Search" to view this page.
  2. Choose the resource the games were on
  3. Type in the start and end date for the games you are wanting to enter scores for.
  4. Select Game as the Event type.
  5. Check the box Show/Enter scores.
  6. After entering the scores, press the Save Scores button.

 Entering Scores and Stats via Calendar Event

  1. From the Calendar, click on the Game event you would like to enter a score or any individual stats for.
  2. You can also click the Edit button if you are on the Event Search page.
  3. From the event page, click on the "Tools" drop down and then select "Game Sheet".
  4. On the top line, check the box "enter scores/stats". You will notice this changes the view of the game sheet.
  5. You can add any stats for rostered players. For example with a Soccer game sheet you can add goals, assists, or any cards if you keep track of this information.
    • Note: Some of our "Sport Types" have specific game sheets with special stats for that Sport (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, and Hockey). These game sheet styles are set at the Level Maintenance page under "Standings Type". If you set it to "Sport Default", it will pull up that specific game sheet.
  6. From this page, you can also add the game attendance and jersey numbers for that day. You must first press they attended before entering a jersey number.
  7. If you do not keep individual stats or do not know who scored a particular goal, place those goals under the "Non Rostered" player column. The system will add up the total score in the Goal column.
  8. Click the "Save Stats" button at the bottom when finished.


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