Searching For a Team

There are a couple routes to effectively search for a team. The main path is from the Team Search. If you know the team ID, or to avoid additional click throughs, you can start from the Global Search bar. 

Team Search

  1. Click on Programs from the top menu bar and then press Teams.
  2. Search Bar options
    • Team Name: Enter part or all of the team name
    • Team ID: If you know the team ID you can enter it here and press Search. You will be directed to that specific group page.
    • Age Filters: Uses age restrictions set at Level Edit page.
    • Time: Primarily used for searching Class times throughout the week. 
  3. Season/Level: Filter your search to a certain Season or specific Level within that Season.
  4. DOW: Filter teams that have the box checked for Day of Week on the group page
  5. Options:
    • Show Past: To view historical teams from past seasons. Labeled as "Past".
    • Show Future: To view teams for the upcoming seasons that haven't reached the Start Date yet. Labeled as "Future". 
    • Show Inactive: To view teams that have been disabled. Labeled as "Inactive". 
    • Show Money: To view teams balances or collected amounts. Only available when a Season is selected.
    • Show Employees: Typically used for Classes or Camps to identify which staff members have been assigned to groups as instructors. 

Global Search Bar

  1. If you know part of the team name you can enter one word into the global search and press enter. This will bring up the Team Search page with search results for that word. 
  2. If you know the team ID you can type "team: ####", replacing the hashes with the team ID. 

Team Sales/Team AR

If you have the authorization to view group Account Receivable reporting then you can view the entire season of teams from the Team AR report.

  1. Click on Reports from the top menu bar, press All Reports, and then select Team Sales from within the Financial Program section. Or start typing "Team Sales" in the global search bar and select if from the drop down options.
  2. Filter the report by season and scroll to the correct Level and click on the team name. 
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