Financial Program Reports

DASH provides the following Financial Program Reports for better understanding revenue and sales of the programs you offer. Click on any report link below to view a sample output of the given report.

Camp Sales  Account receivables for camps by season and transaction period.

Class Sales  Account receivables for classes by season and transaction period.

Revenue Detail  Expanded detail of revenue by season, category and transaction period.

Team Sales  Accounts receivable for teams by season and transaction period.


New Jasper Reports

Sales by Class & Camp (J)


Sales by Team (J)

Camp Sales  

This report shows account receivables (AR) for camps by season and transaction period.


Class Sales

This report show accounts receivable (AR) for classes by season and transaction period.


Revenue Detail 

This report shows expanded detail of revenue by category and season.


Team Sales  

This report shows accounts receivable (AR) for teams by season and transaction period.

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    Shauna Munro
    Kristi - we used to be able to run a team a/r that included the manager's contact info. I can't find where to run that report anymore.
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    Shauna, the Team AR report hasn't changed in eons. :-) Are you thinking of the "program search" report? In that report you can filter by season, level etc and it displays the managers on the roster and you can select to view any team notes if there are any. There is not any money info on this report though.
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