Adding Classes Directly to the Calendar

You can create single class events or an entire series from the calendar.  We recommend using the Class and Camp Scheduler for crafting your entire Session schedules. 

Creating a class event from the calendar

  1. From the Calendar click on the time frame of the resource you intend to place the event. And then select Class from the pop up menu.  
  2. Confirm the Location, Resource and choose "Entire Resource" or a Sub Resource.
  3. Confirm the Date. Enter the Start time and either the End time or duration.
  4. If creating a class series click the Repeats checkbox to open the repeat event options
    1. Repeats: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. 
    2. Enter Number of weeks or Until Date. 
    3. Click Next to verify series. You can delete or modify events before clicking OK.
  5. Select the Season and Level. Then you can choose from the available classes within this level. If a Season was not selected you will need to manually enter the class ID.       
  6. Choose whether to Publish Online or not. If not published customers will not see it on their DASH Online or subscribed calendars. 
  7. Click Save.

Once the Class Event is created you can click on the Tools menu and select "Create Similar Event" to schedule other classes from the same Level or similar Levels.  

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