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The Customer Search & Email tool is one of the most powerful resources in DASH Platform. The Customer Search & Email can help you create telemarketing lists, up-sell to customers who purchase specific products, or target select customers who are participating in certain seasons, leagues, or classes.

Using the Customer Search & Email Tool to Find Customers:
There are numerous ways to use the Customer Search & Email tool to create target email or customer lists, including by:

1. Specific Seasons
2. Tags
3. Special Dates
4. Memberships
5. Custom Fields
6. Products

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1. Specific Seasons, Levels, Teams/Classes/Camps

Select one or multiple seasons to target customers who participated in the season(s).  You can select multiple seasons by holding the CTRL (or Command) button and selecting your desired seasons. 

To exclude any seasons from your search, select the desired excluded season in the "Exclude Season" box. This is helpful in creating a list for contacting customers who have not enrolled in an upcoming season that is open for registration.

Once a season(s) is selected, available Levels will appear.  To send to all levels in a season, select "All Levels". To send to specific Levels, select your desired level(s). Note: If you do not select a level, the Customer Search will default to display results from all levels.

If a Level is selected, Teams/Classes/Camps under that Level will appear in the "Team/Class/Camp" section. Use this filter to target certain rosters.

You can also filter your results by Customer Zip Codes, Cities, and Employers (you can add a Customer's Employer on the Customer Profile page).

2. Tags

You can use the Customer Search tool to "Tag" customers with a certain keyword or within a certain group.  For example, you can create a tag for customers who attend a special event at one of your locations.  Once a customer is tagged as attending your event, you can use the Customer Search to find all customers with your event tag. (Click here to learn more about "Creating Tags")

The Customer Search tool can also "Batch Tag" groups of customers. After you define your target audience using any of the search parameters, click "Apply Tag".  A drop-down to select your desired tag will appear.  Choose that tag you wish to apply to customers in your search result and hit "Add".  Note: The tag you wish to apply needs to be created before being able to "Batch Tag" through the Customer Search Tool. 

3. Special Dates

Using the Customer Search Tool, you
can find customers by their birthday,
birth month, or by age.  This is especially helpful in creating targeted marketing
lists for age-specific programs, birthday parties, or finding customers within
a certain age range.

Enrollment or Event Date
Find customers based on when they
were enrolled at your location.  Search
by enrollment date, event date, or specific days of the week.

New Accounts
Search customers based on when their account was created in DASH. (Note: You can also search for new customers using the New Customer Report under the Reports section)

4. Memberships

Search for customers who have a membership that expire within a certain date range, or search for customers based on their membership type.

5. Custom Fields

If Custom Fields have been created under Custom Forms, you can also filter by responses to the form or include customer responses in your search results.

6. Products

Quickly find customers who have a history of purchasing certain products.  Let frequent purchasers know about product specials, related items, or new products they may be interested in. Simply select a purchase date (if applicable), and start typing the product you'd like to target.

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Exporting Your List to Excel

To download your filtered Customer Search results, hit the Export CSV button to save your results to open in Excel.

Fields that are included in the exported results are:

  • Customer ID
  • First & Last Name
  • Addresses & Phone Numbers
  • Primary & Alternate Email Addresses
  • Birthdate
  • Account Creation & Modification Dates
  • Mobile SMS, Email Errors, & Opt Outs

Checking the "Show Parent Information" box in the search filters will also display a parent's Customer ID and Name in the exported results.

Checking the "Show Group Information" box in the search filters will display a customer's team or class information, including the season or level.  If a customer is on more than one team or class roster, the duplicate customers will show up for each roster they are on.

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Email Marketing

Once you have determined your target customers through DASH Platform, click on the Email button at the bottom of the page. 


The email template editor will drop down below the row of buttons. There are 6 steps to sending a broadcast email:

      1. From Name/Email & Additional Emails
      2. Email Subject
      3. Email Template
      4. Text Email Field
      5. Send Test Email
      6. Send Broadcast Email






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1. From Name/Email & Additional Emails
These fields allow you to customize the name & email address from whom the broadcast email comes from.

You can add additional emails to the customer list in the "Additional Emails" field if you want to send the broadcast email to someone who may not be in the system or was not included in your filtered results (ex: Internal Managers or Staff Members).

2. Email Subject
Enter your email subject in this field.  For tips on creating an effective subject line, see items #2 & #3 in the Constant Contact Copy Content Guide. You can also evaluate the strength of your subject line using the free rating tool on 

3. Email Template
If you have edited and saved an email template in DASH, select the email template you wish to send for your broadcast email. The HTML email will appear in the field directly below the editing toolbar.  

NOTE: If you edit the email in the Customer Search editor, it will NOT save in the original email template.  

4. Text Email Field

Copy the email text from the HTML email and paste it into the text-only email field. This is for the handful of customers whose email clients cannot read HTML-based emails.

5. Send Test Email
Preview your email by sending yourself a test email to double check for skewed images, improper spacing, and spelling errors.

6. Send Broadcast Email 
Once your test email looks good, use the Send Broadcast Email to send your email. 

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Email Reports

To view a report of all outgoing emails from DASH Platform and DASH Online, go to Reports > System > Email History. In this report, you can verify if an email has been sent to a specific customer or someone who was registering with DASH Online by searching for their email address.

You can also go to an individual customer profile page and see the emails that have been sent to that customer under the Email and SMS History section. If you click "More" you will be led to their email history for the last 6 months.


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