Searching For a Customer or Organization

To look up a Customer or Organization type in DASH, click the top drop down menu, press "Customers" and then Search.

In DASH, you have the ability to search for customers by the following fields:

  • First and/or last name (must have at least 2 characters)
  • Email address (must have at least 3 characters)
  • Customer ID #
  • Card ID #
  • Organization Name

Under "More Options":

  • Phone # (must have at least 4 digits)
  • Company Name (option on Customer profile page)

Once you have typed in your search criterion, the results will appear below. If nothing matches what you are looking for, you can see an option to "Create Customer".

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    Randall Mayne

    Thanks...but I would like to produce a list of "All Organizations" (csv download would be fine) .  I literally want to peruse the list of all of our customers who are organizations.

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