Creating a New Participant Account

Participants are the normal customer type that can be added to rosters, used to invoice products and have access to DASH Online. On the customer profile they used to be called "Players".

Creating a New Participant:

From the top drop down menu, press "Customers" and then Create.

  1. Select the Customer Type "Participant".
  2. Type in the new customer's name and press "Next".
  3. DASH will search the system and provide you with any existing accounts to ensure you do not create a duplicate account. Click "Create" if this is a new participant.
  4. Birthdate: You will be prompted to enter a birthdate or if the customer would prefer not to enter it, you can press the "opt out" box. The birthdate is important especially for qualifying for programs On DASH Online.
  5. Fill out each of the fields in the New Account set-up form. There are some fields marked with an asterisk that are required.
  6. Click "Save" when finished.
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