Creating a Discount

The Discount Manager can be used to either automatically or manually reduce product fees in the shopping cart both in DASH Online or just in the Admin side if you choose.

First, you need to make sure you have the proper authorization to create discount codes.

 By default, the new Product Discount action is part of the Product Management authorization group. This authority action is required to create and manage discounts.

Creating Discount Codes:

  1. In the main global search box, start typing "Discount Management" or click on "Settings" in the upper right hand corner and under the Financial section, you will be able to access the "Discount Management" page.
  2. Name: A human readable name for the discount. Displayed on receipts.
  3. Discount Type: Can be either
    • Percentage: If you want your discount to be a percentage of the item price, use this field.
    • Dollar: If you want your discount to be a particular dollar amount, use this field.
  4. Discount Code: A unique identifier for your discount. For coupon-code type discounts, users will enter this code in their shopping cart to apply the discount. 

    Even if you're creating an automatic discount you should enter a unique code here to help track your discounts.

  5. Description: A longer description of how the discount is intended for use, to help in administration. Not displayed anywhere except in the Discount Manager.
  6. Begins: Date and time the discount becomes active.
  7. Expires: Date and time the discount becomes inactive.


  1. Visibility: Is the discount available to customers online or only to hosts? Choose Online Only, In-House Only, or Everywhere.
  2. Required Quantity: The number of product items that need to be in the shopping cart in order for the discount to be valid. For example if a customer needs to purchase 5 days of camp in order to receive a discount, you would say the required quantity is 5. If you have a discount on a dozen bagels, you'd set this field to 12 and assign the discount to the bagel product.
  3. Remaining Availability: If the Limited Availability box is checked, this box reflects the number of this discount remaining available to any customer. Once the quantity is zero then the discount is not allowed for anyone. For example, if you want to give 10% off to the first 20 people, set this number to 20 when you create the discount and you'll see it count down as people use it.
  4. Max in Cart: Maximum number of times this discount can be in the shopping cart in one transaction.
  5. Repeat: Select this option if you want your discount repeated over every applicable item. It will repeat once for every group of whatever number you have set in Required Quantity. It is important to set this option for most percentage style discounts if you want the percentage to apply across the entire group.
  6. Limited Availability: Allow this discount to be used only a certain number of times overall. This counts down once per discount code use instead of once per quantity-item use.
  7. Family Discount: Family discounts are also known as 'Sibling' discounts, and are restricted to products that are events within a single season. Family discounts are also limited to one discount per cart. If you choose Family, the discount will be equally applied to all family members in the shopping cart. Shows as the 'Type' column in the discount manager summary.
  8. Sequential Camp Discount: Applies when events are "in a row" (e.g. Sign up for all 5 days and get 5th day fee).
  9. Same Program: The Program associated with these products must be set on the Product Edit page. i.e. "Camps".
  10. Same Team: Multiple cart items are the game Group (class/team/camp).
  11. Same Customer: Multiple cart items are the same customer.
  12. Universal: Discount applies to any product - DASH Support controls this option to apply the discount to any product without having to assign it on the product management level. 
  13. Automatic: Discount applies to the product when it's added to a cart without entering a code. You still want to define a code for tracking, however. Again, be careful - automatic discounts can make class transfers and reversals tricky.
  14. Stackable: Can this discount be combined with other discounts?
  15. No Beginning Date/No End Date: Check these if the discount should last forever.
  16. Enabled: If a discount is not enabled, it cannot be applied to any product. Check here to 'turn-off' a discount.
  17. Requires Specific Membership(s): Select memberships required to qualify for this discount.

Applying Discount Code to Product:

To assign discounts to products, click on Settings and press Products. You can also use the global search box and begin to type in "Products" to select the Product page.

  1. Search for the product you would like to assign the discount to by typing the name in the "Product Name" Box. A list of results will appear below.
  2. To the left of the product ID, place a check in the box next to all of the products you want to assign the discount to.
  3. In the "Manage Selected products" box, start typing in the discount code name you created (it will autofill) and hit Apply. This will assign the discount to all the products that are currently check marked. When a product is assigned a discount, it just means that the discount may be used on that product. Other restrictions may apply, depending on your discount variables.

NOTE: You can find all products assigned to a specific discount by typing the discount code name and pressing the search button.

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