Camp Scheduler

With the scheduler tool you can create an entire season's schedule in one screen.

Start typing "class and camp scheduler" in the global search box or press the Programs button and select Tools. On the left hand side there is a Programs section where you will see the Class & Camp Scheduler.


  1. Be sure to set any Blackout Dates first (see below).
  2. Select the season you need to schedule.
  3. You can choose to schedule all at the same time because all of the classes or camps will appear once you select a season, or you can filter by a specific level or league.
  4. Each camp will appear and a suggested series of camps will display according to the start date that is set at the season, level or camp roster. 
  5. Choose a resource and ensure the start date and time is correct.
  6. Once you have made your necessary changes put a check box next to the camp name and hit the "Save Checked" button.


Blackout Dates

You can create dates ahead of time for the scheduler to avoid where no classes or camps will be scheduled.

  1. From the Scheduler page, click on "Manage Blackout Dates" button.
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