Adding Membership to the Cart

If your company decides to sell memberships, they can be added to the shopping cart through the Customer Profile page or if they have been set to "required" for a specific program, you will be automatically prompted to add the membership to the cart before checking out.

Adding a Membership via Customer Profile Page:

If a customer would like to purchase a membership, here is how to add it to the shopping cart from the Admin side:

  1. Go to the customer's profile page.
  2. On the upper right hand side of the page, the list of memberships purchased will appear. If they have never purchased a specific membership, you can press the "Buy" button to display a list of available memberships.
  3. Choose the membership they need for the program they are signing up for. This will automatically place it into the shopping cart.
  4. Proceed to Check-out as usual.

Automatically Prompted Memberships:

You can set up memberships to be "required" so that you can force customers to have memberships when purchasing certain products. Whether it's a program registration fee or a product from your Cash Register page.

To require a membership for a product, go to the Product Set-up page and click Settings. For any product, you can select the required membership(s) the customer will need in order to purchase or register for the product in the shopping cart.

If a customer has any of these required memberships they can purchase the product. If they don't have a current membership, they will be prompted to purchase one of the applicable memberships before checking out.

There is also a membership prompt when adding a customer to a roster with a product fee that has a required membership associated with it. The shopping cart will appear with the option to select a required membership. This feature is designed to help your staff remember to collect the membership when adding customers to the roster. The shopping cart can be closed if you don't want to collect it at the time of registration.

Your company can bypass the auto prompt on the admin side by going to Company Settings. Under the Location tab there is a check box to disable "Automatically add the fee or membership associated to a team, class, or camp to the cart".



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