Creating a normal product

In DASH, we have 3 types of products (fees) you can create:

The majority of your products will be set up as "normal". These will include class, team, and camp fees. Your rental fees and point of sale items will also be set up as normal. You can choose whether you want to prompt a customer to be added to the cart by default depending on how you set up your product.

Creating a New Product:

  1. From the Global Search box, start typing the word "Products" until you can select it.
  2. From the Product Search page, click the “New Product” button.
  3. Fill out all of the required fields marked with a red triangle along with any other settings you wish to add at this time. Extra help information is provided on fields with a question mark icon. Hover over the icon with your cursor or tap it for more information on the field.
  4. Once you save your product, you are taken to the newly created product’s page where you can edit the product’s settings.

Additional Product Options:

  1. Active Discounts: Shows discounts currently applied to this product. In order to add an existing discount to a product, you will need to go to the Product Search page and use the "Manage Selected Products" module.
  2. Location Settings: Set specific settings for different locations. These settings will override any settings on the “Settings” panel for this product at the selected location. Locations that have settings applied to them are listed on the right under “Locations with custom settings”.

Note: If you charge sales tax, you will need to add a Location for the product and set the Sales Tax at this point.

Adding Location Settings:

  1. On the left hand side, click "Location Settings".
  2. You can add a location by filling out the “Add new location settings” form on the left side of the panel.



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