Waiver Management

The Waiver Management system in DASH gives you the option of tracking who in your facility has an active Waiver in your system. You can do this by pressing the Paper Waiver button on their customer profile page when they fill out a waiver in person. If a customer has not signed a waiver or has an expired waiver and logs into their DASH Online account, they will be immediately prompted to sign a waiver for all family members on the account. Another option to have your customers sign their waivers is to use the Kiosk feature.

*Note that the Waiver you are setting up is for the entire company. The waiver system is not location specific.

Adding Waiver to System

In order to upload a waiver, you must have the "Legal Authorization" Role. Typically only one person per facility needs to have this specific role.

  • Click on the Settings button in the upper right hand corner. On the left side, press "Customers" and then select "Waiver Setup". You can also type in "Waiver Setup" in the global search box.
  • Type a name for the Waiver which will be displayed to the customer.
  • Choose the time period for renewal.
  • If you have created any waivers in the past and would like the customers who have those waivers to still be acceptable, check the box "Prior Waivers Active".
  • Type in your employee password that you use to log into DASH.
  • Scroll down to the Sample Waiver or the box that displays your current waiver and press the button that says "Paste From Word". A small box will appear that you can paste your waiver into using the Control + "V" keys.
  • Once you have uploaded your waiver, scroll back up and Hit the Save button.
  • Your waiver is now active and once a customer tries to log into their DASH Online account, they will be prompted to sign the waiver electronically.


To view all of the customers in a given time period who have signed an on-line waiver or have added a Paper Waiver on their account, click the Reports button and then click All Reports. On the left hand side, select Customer and then "Waiver Report".


Editing Waivers

Current and non-current waivers can be modified. The pencil icon will take you into the Edit Waiver page. From there you can change the Prompt to Sign Again duration or the Active status. You cannot change the waiver text itself in the edit mode. You have to either create a copy of an existing version or start a new waiver to modify the text. 



Deleting Waiver Signatures

Users with the Waiver Management authorization will see a delete button next to a customer's waiver from their customer profile page. WARNING. This action cannot be undone!



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