Event Search Report for Games

Click on Reports from the top menu and select All Reports. In the Programs section, you will see the Event Search report. You can also use the Global Search box and start typing "Event Search" to view this page.

In this report you can print all of your day's worth of game sheets for your referee's to enter scores. You can use this same report to enter the scores at the end of the night instead of going into each individual game. You can also easily add or remove employees to scheduled events.

Printing game sheets:

  1. Choose the resource the games will be on
  2. Type in the start and end date for the games you are printing.
  3. Select Game as the Event type
  4. You do not need to check any of the boxes at this time. Hit Search.
  5. Your games for that resource will appear below.
  6. Press the link to "Get game sheets for all games listed below".
  7. A second window will open that includes all of the games. You can choose what options you want to see on the game sheet like the customer's birth date, age, picture.
  8. Check the box for enter scores/stats and press Print.

Entering Scores:

  1. Choose the resource the games were on
  2. Type in the start and end date for the games you are wanting to enter scores for.
  3. Select Game as the Event type.
  4. Check the box Show/Enter scores.
  5. After entering the scores, press the Save Scores button.

Assigning Staff to Events:

  1. Select the events that you need to have staff assigned to by either choosing a season or entering a date range.
  2. Click the associated box next to the event.
  3. Press the "update" button to Add Employees.
  4. A box will appear to enter the staff member's name and click Add.
  5. After the Employee has been added you can view this in the Event Search if you click the check box for Show Instructors or Show Referees.
  6. As an added convenience, if you wish to replace all of the existing staff that match the type that you are adding, you can check the box labeled "Clear existing employees of the same type" before clicking "Add".


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