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Kiosk is a Web Page designed to be displayed on a Tablet, Monitor, or Laptop to allow a customer to quickly create an account, add children, and sign an on-line waiver. Existing customers can also use the Kiosk to update any of their contact info, add children to their account, and update their waiver status.


Why ?

  • Free up your hosts or front line staff from having to enter Customer Data
  • Rid yourself of paper waivers by getting all electronic
  • Speed up registration on those busy Season Start Weekends
  • Gather accurate data from the required fields


  • Open a new tab or window in DASH and click Programs and select "Tools" then Kiosk from the top row. You can also type "Kiosk" in the search box to find this.
  • Set up a Laptop with some signage at front entrance
  • Once customer has completed their registration, send them to the Front Desk to register for a program

Customers can now choose whether they want to create an account that gives them Online access or whether they just want to give the minimum info in order to sign the Waiver for the facility.

Choosing "Skip" will create a Contact customer account that does not require an address or a phone number. To use this alternate version of the Kiosk, you will need to go to "Settings" in the upper right hand corner. Select Company Settings and then press the Location tab. There is a checkbox labeled "Permit contact-only sign up via Kiosk". Once you check this, your customers will have a choice to create a contact or a player account.


Here is an example of one of our customer's Kiosk Set-up in their facility:

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