Camp Product

Here is how you create a new camp fee product:

  1. Using the Global Search box, start typing the word "Products" until you can select it. Or go to the Settings menu, Products section, and then click on Products.
  2. From the Product Search page, click the “New Product” button. 
  3. Fill out all of the required fields marked with a red triangle along with any other settings you wish to add at this time. Extra help information is provided on fields with a question mark icon. Hover over the icon with your cursor or tap it for more information on the field.
    • Product is a Normal Product
    • Global Pricecost per camp day/event
    • Non-Resident Price: this is the price for the product if the customer is outside a certain area (GIS must be enabled at the Company Settings page).
    • Category: Fee - Class
    • Subcategory: Standard Class
    • Customer Required: Yes
    • Required Memberships: optional 
    • Select Programthis choice is important for program reporting
    • UPC Code: leave empty
    • Product GL: optional for Financial Reporting (see GL Article for more details).
    • Email Template: if you would like to send a welcome/thank you email every time a customer purchases this camp fee then assign a template here.
    • Available Online: Yes
    • Create Purchase Order: Not necessary for the camp fee. This option is recommended for certain Up-sell Products like lunch or merchandise fulfillment. 
    • Hide Quantity: This will hide the number of camps and the per camp rate on the invoice. 
  4. Once you save your product, you are taken to the newly created product’s page where you can edit the product’s settings.
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