Creating a gift card product

In DASH, we have 3 types of products (fees) you can create:

Customers can purchase, reload, and use their Gift Cards online or in person.

Product Setup

Each gift card you would like to offer to your customer will need to be created as a unique product. When you are creating your card products, be sure to have the product type set to "Gift Card".


Next, set the product to be available online so that your customers can purchase gift cards from their DASH Online page.

Lastly, be sure to set the products to display on your Cash Register page to make it easy to ring up.

You can create different card amounts that you would like to offer to your customer. However, when the gift card is purchased on the Admin side or when you reload a card, the original card amount can be modified to a larger amount if the customer chooses this.

Be sure to check out our Gift Card section to learn more about how to create Redemption codes, print cards, and lots more!


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