DASH Overview

Dash Platform is a web-based, mobile enabled tool that allows your employees to manage all of the revenue associated parts of your enterprise.  Key features of the program include:

  1. Designation of all “Facilities” (think of physical address locations) where customers will enjoy your programs and services in which you’ll create a virtual calendar to which you’ll schedule all revenue and non-revenue producing programming and rentals.
  2. Creation of Programming that allows customers to enroll in day care, classes, camps, and leagues via internet enabled devices including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones using a shopping cart system that customers are used to using (Amazon, Staples, Dell).
  3. Tailor your customers’ online experience to follow your business rules and processes such as:
    • set required deposit levels for creating teams
    • allow customers to enroll in full week only camps or day by day enrollment
    • allow customer to purchase a required membership associated with program
    • allow automatic discounts to be added to the shopping cart based on discount rules
  4. Organize all programming by program interest, (eg arts & crafts, karate, basketball leagues, etc), age, and gender that appears on your website which allows your customer to shop for themselves or minor children. The system allows automatic filtering and customer controlled filtering to quickly find programming that suits their schedule and interests. Your adoption of a “Standard Naming” convention of all seasons, levels, and classes will also help your customers quickly understand your programming options for their family members (eg, Soccer, Youth Winter 2015).

The training that you and your staff will receive will allow you and/or your staff to create and organize all of your data that results in increased customer satisfaction, less workload for your staff, and increased program growth.

All in-person training that you receive is duplicated online for review and retention of the material.

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