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There are several ways to integrate DASH within your website to make registration easier for customers. You can add the DASH Online Login page and embed customized Program Finders so customers can view and filter through your catalog of program offerings. Your website can also display Location, Season, and or Level Schedules as well as post the League Standings for public viewing. All of these update dynamically when employees/users make changes in the DASH Console (Admin side). You can also see visits to your company DASH Online using Google Analytics.

DASH Online Login Link

To add the DASH Online link to your website, add the following HTML:

<a href="">Customer Login</a>

Note: you will need to change companycode to be your own company code (ID used to login to DASH Console).

Example:  The code <a href="">Customer Login</a> will result in a link that displays: Customer Login

This DASH Online start page will show your Company News and Facebook Feed.


Program Finder

Customers can view start date, day of the week, time, program details, availability (register, join or waitlist).

You can add the program finder to your website with the following html:

<iframe src="" style="width: 100%; height: 800px" frameborder="0">
Replace "companycode" with the company code used to login to DASH.  
There are certain filters you can choose from to display on your Program Finder. By default, all of the filters are turned on. To view these, click on the Settings button in the upper right hand corner or in the global search box, you can start typing in "Settings". Press DASH Online on the left hand side.
You may preset certain filters by adding keywords to the iFrame's source URL. 
The following options are available:
* &sportID={sportID} | Presets the Sport Type filter
* &programID={programID} | Presets the Program filter
* &programLock={programID} | Presets and locks the Program filter
* &defaultSort=Name | Defaults display to sort by name instead of Start Date
* &t={teamTypeCode | t = team, c = class, k = camp | e.g. }
Add these after noheader=1 and before the quotation mark. 
For example, if you wanted to add a program lock for the Program with an ID of 4, you would adjust the iFrame URL to be: 
Location Schedules
You can add your company's or location's schedules to your external website so users don't have to login to see them.  Only public events will show up to your customers. 
To include your locations schedules on your website using an iframe:
  1. Copy this link below and be sure to replace YOUR_Company_ID within the URL
  2. Go to the page within your website where you would like the schedule to appear.
  3. (optional) Click the change button and select which facility you want to show and click the search button.
  4. Copy the URL in your browser.  Should look something like
  5. Optionally add "&filters=0" if you don't want user to change the date.
  6. Add the following html src to your website
 <iframe width="auto" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto" src=""></iframe>
Redmond Arena Sports - Example

Season/Level Schedules

You can add league or season schedules to your external website so users don't have to login to see them.

Add the following html to your website:

<iframe width="700px" height="700px" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto" src=""></iframe>

Alternatively, you may replace the text in the snippet that says "leagueID=LEAGUE_IDwith "seasonID=SEASON_ID" if you would like to show the schedules for every league contained within a season.
* Your season ID's are listed on your Season Maintenance page in DASH
* Your league ID's are listed on your Level Maintenance page in DASH


League Standings

To include league standings on your website using an iframe:

  1. In DASH, go to the league standings page for your facility (replace YOUR_COMPANY_CODE with the text you enter on the DASH login page for the Company field)
  3. Select a Location and Season under the Search Options panel and verify that the standings are displaying as expected.
  4. Copy the following HTML and paste it on your website where you want the standings to display:

<iframe width="700px" height="700px" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto" src="URL_HERE"></iframe>

Replace URL_HERE with the URL from your browser that is open to the league standings page from above; you may optionally add &filters=false to hide the Search Options panel and &nav=false to hide the Navigation links.

Complete Example

<iframe width="700px" height="700px" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto" src=""></iframe>

The above HTML would show this on your website:

Google Analytics
With Google Analytics you can link your DASH Online to view customer web traffic, transactions, and revenue collected through DASH Online. 
You will need to have a Google Analytics account, and you'll want to create a new tracking ID to use here. A tracking ID typically looks like 'UA-123456-78'.
Once you have setup your Analytics account and set your tracker code in DASH Platform, Google will begin to collect information on the customers visiting your DASH Online site. Google Analytics contains a wealth of information about the people using your DASH Online website. New vs Returning customers, Length of Stay, Activities, Referring Sites, Demographics, etc. Explore and discover!

eCommerce Tracking through Google Analytics
You can also track what people are buying on DASH Online through your Google Analytics account. Setup your Analytics account by selecting the 'On' Status from the Ecommerce set-up.

Give Google a day to catch up, and then you'll start to see your customer's online purchases show up in your account, categorized by GL Code.

You can also track the effectiveness of your Constant Contact email campaigns to determine if they result in Ecommerce conversions. (<- Click for more info)

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