Employee Roles

A Role is a group of authorized actions or "Authorizations". Each employee can be assigned any number of Roles. Each authorization can contain a set of actions that users with that authorization can perform. For example, a "System Admin" authorization might contain the Employee Management action.

By default the system has several Roles created. A given Role may also have any actions assigned to or removed from it. The descriptions here are guidelines. Keep in mind you may edit your Roles or create brand new roles as you see fit. 

Manage Roles:

Click Settings in the upper right hand corner. Choose Employee on the left hand side and then Employee Role Management. You can also type "user role management" in the global search box.

From this page you can Create, Edit, and even Delete Roles. Keep in mind that if you delete any roles, it will effect the employees linked to those.

Create Roles:

To create a new role, click the "+" symbol. First type in the name you would like, the symbol or legend, a pretty color, and hit Save Role.

Next, select the new role you just created. On the left hand side you will see Authorizations and Settings. Choose the different Authorizations the Role should have by pressing the toggle next to each action. This page will save automatically.

Default Roles:


Financial reporting limited to the user's facility. 

Accounting - Global

Allows users to view accounting information for all facilities.

Customer Credit

Allows an employee to checkout and enter a payment amount different than what the cart total reflects. If you do not have Customer Credit authority you do not see the Partial Payment box at the bottom of the Checkout Screen.

Employee Management

Contains the employee management action.


Allows administration of waivers


Create seasons and levels (leagues)

Issue team credits

Delete events created by other users

Can bypass Membership prompt in shopping cart

Merge Customers

Access to Customer Search Report

Bypass sending e-mails to customers at check-out screen


Allows users to do reversals of invoices.

Ability to do Reference Transactions

Normal User - The typical authorization assigned to any new employee

Allows basic functions such as team creation and use of the shopping cart.

Normal Plus+

Use this for users that you want to have a few select privileges above a Normal User.

Product Management

Manage/create products

System Admin

Allows high privileged functions such as authorization management.



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