Sport Type

In DASH, we have provided a preset listing of Sport Types that appear when creating a new Level within a Season. This Sports Type will ultimately appear to the customer to search programs by via the Program Finder on your website or through DASH Online.

Creating and Editing a New Sport Type

  1. From the global search box, you can start typing the word "sports" or you can click on the Settings page in the upper right hand corner and under the Programs section, click on Sports to get to the Sports Management page.
  2. Click the "Add" button, type the new Sport name, and press "Submit".
  3. There is a list of Legacy Sports that are preset in the system. You can choose to inactivate any that will not be used by your Organization by pressing the toggle next to the Sport name. The form will autosave.
  4. To edit an existing Sport Name, you can click on the Sport name and type in the new one. Once you click out of the edit field, it will save the new name.
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