Resource Blocking Rules

Blocking Rules can be set up to prevent events from being booked on an associated resource or sub-resource if a conflicting event is already scheduled. For example, booking a resource for "Entire Facility" will block off all other resources and their sub-resources.

Start off by either typing "Resources" in the global search box or click on Settings in the upper right hand corner and click on Resources. From the Resource Management page, select the resource to add blocking rules to. 


 Select which resource or sub-resource the new blocking rule is for. 

The blocking rules need to be set up in both directions. 

  • Entire Facility blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Entire Facility blocks Field 2 (entire resource)
  • etc...
  • Field 1 blocks Entire Facility
  • Field 2 blocks Entire Facility
  • etc...

Once the rules are all created it will be simple to book the whole facility. In our example you won't need to create blocking rules for your sub-resources since the entire resource is blocked.

A good example for sub-resource blocking is if a playing surface can be sold as half field or quarter field rentals.

  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (Quarter Field A)
  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (Quarter Field B)
  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field A) blocks Field 1 (Half Field 1)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field A) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field B) blocks Field 1 (Half Field 1)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field B) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)


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